Talk: Taking a Stroll through Ethereum: More than just NFTs

On June 3rd, the @UHH presents a talk on the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs, two current hot topics in the tech world. Dominik Muhs will present the background and applications of these technologies.

In this talk, Dominik will briefly introduce Ethereum and the concept of Smart Contracts before taking inventory of the ecosystem. The goal is to get researchers and developers started with the exciting things that live beyond the hype.

Dominik Muhs works as a Security Engineer at ConsenSys Diligence and has worked with the Ethereum Blockchain since 2018. Through a large variety of jobs, ranging from Anti Money Laundering analytics and automated Smart Contract security analysis to manual code reviews and penetration testing.

Date: 03.06.2021, 18:00

  1. Introduction to Blockchain technology
  2. Introduction to Smart Contracts
  3. What has been built so far?
  4. What is being built right now?
  5. Where do I get started?

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